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Founders Banquet!

On Saturday, September 22nd, 2007 we held
a banquet to honor the Founders of our System!
4 of the 6 men were able to attend

Duke Ali Shariff-Bey, Andrew Harrison,
Jack Gridley, and Fernando Franco Jr.

plans are in the works to visit with Jeff Nieland in the near future.

Everyone remarked on what a great time they had. The founders were honored with small gift of our Thanks and Gratitude for their forward thinking and efforts for creating this art we love.

Thank You!
l-r Jack Gridley, Fernando Franco Jr. Duke Ali Shariff-Bey, and Andrew Harrison

Enjoy watching this short slideshow of the event.

Black Belt Promotions!

As of Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 we are
proud to introduce three new Blackbelts!

Ready to Go!
l-r Guy Nuesca, Ken Dill, and Robert Zang

pictured here with Sensei Zang

We are here to help you!
Joining the Black Belt Ranks!

The Class!
The Class!
l-r top row Kathy, Taj (Guy's Bujinkan Sensei), Stephanie, Andy, David, and Michael
bottom row John, Joemer, Ken, Guy, and Robert.

Congratulations Men!

Special Thanks to the friends and family who attended this ceremony!

Watch this video of the Black Belt Promotion!


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