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2011 Special Events Calendar!

Black Belt Class - Teaching Kata!

On February 26th, 2011, Shihan Zang held a class on Teaching Kata for the Black Belts.

Black Belt Attendees
From L - R Deanna Koelzer, Guy Nuesca Jr., Robert L. Zang, Brian Garcia.

Deanna Koelzer
Deanna Koelzer was promoted to her 7th Dan ShichiDan/Shihan.

Guy Nuesca Jr. and Robert L. Zang Receiving their Sensei Belts
Guy Nuesca Jr. and Robert L. Zang were both promoted to their 3rd Dan Sandan/Sensei.

The Class!
Congratulations to All!

Promotees with Shihan

Black Belt Class - Conducting a Demonstration!

On April 9th, 2011, Shihan Zang held a class on how to conduct a demonstration for the Black Belts.

Make a plan
From L - R Robert Zang, Guy Nuesca, Michael Zang, Brian Garcia, Joemer Dulatre, and Stephanie Glover.

From L - R Guy Nuesca, Stephanie Glover. Michael Zang, Robert Zang, and Joemer Dulatre (Brian Garcia not pictured)

Congratulations to Troy Quevedo our newest JYY Black Belt!

On April 27th, 2011, during our regularly scheduled class Troy Challenged for his Black Belt! His original intention was to Challenge his instructor Sensei Guy Nuesca, but due to work commitments Guy was unable to attend the class that evening. Even after realizing this Troy then turned his Challenge to Shihan Zang. Unfortunately there are no photos from the evenings events, but we will add photos from his funera... oops I mean Certificate Ceremony.

On May 2nd, 2011, We celebrated Troy's Promotion to Black Belt and issued his Certificate!

Sensei Guy Nuesca Jr.leads the class with kata.

Troy Quevedo
Sempai Troy Quevedo reads an article he wrote on Seppuku.

Sensei Guy spars with Troy.

Tension Sparring
Blind Sparring, students must be able to spar with there eyes closed.

Presentation of Certificate
Sensei Guy presents Troy with his Black Belt Certificate!

Sensei Guy Nuesca Jr. and Sempai Troy Quevedo

Troy's Family
Troy Quevedo with his Family.

The Black Belts!
From L - R Michael Zang, Guy Nuesca Jr., Troy Quevedo, Robert Zang, and Stephanie Glover.

"Demonstration and Annual JYY Family Workout"

On May 14, 2011 Sensei's Guy Nuesca and Robert Zang Performed their First Public Demonstration, The Event was followed by Sensei Zang's Annual Jai Yen Yen Family Workout held at the park in the City of Live Oak, TX.

Guy and Robert begin their Demonstration regarding Bunkai for Kata!

Class Warming Up!

Tension Sparring and Self Defense!

l-r top row Valerie Ortiz, Troy Quevedo, Ken Dill, Mark Zamora(visiting black belt), Guy Nuesca, Deanna Koelzer. l-r bottom row Robert Zang, Michael Zang, and Stephanie Glover.

"New Students and Promotions"

During November we started teaching children from the age of 11 and up, By December our class had grown!

The class learning basic katas.

Some of December's New Promotee's!
l-r top row Sensei Guy Nuesca with Kathy Villegas (Brown Belt 2nd Chevron), Amber Aldersea (White Belt), Robert Aldersea (White Belt)
l-r bottom row Sempai Brian Garcia (2nd Dan), Reagan Aldersea (White Belt), Thomas Aldersea (White Belt)
Congratulations to All!

The end of year class, look out 2012 here we come!


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